Prices.....Where to start .....!

petite, pretty and perfect ! From £35

Creating a pricing structure for hats is really tricky ! It can be a question of Feather prices etc which are totally out of my control and so it is sometimes difficult to give an exact price. 

Sometimes something that looks simple and elegant may be very time consuming and something very grand may be a more straightforward process ... if that makes sense ! 

However, we do all need a guideline and I fully appreciate that.  With this in mind, I've created a basic pricing structure which hopefully will help you. 

I also offer a hire service for individual pieces so if you spot something you like,  please don't hesitate to ask if its available! Hat hire prices vary depending on size etc.

I will also be offering a 'ready to wear' range at the  less expensive end of the market! I am currently sourcing the very best selection of these and will update the website in due course.


feathers, flower and fabulous ! From £55

Elegant and stylish - the hatinator ! from £75

Larger more intricate designs from £120